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Mid Year Marketing Review

We are halfway through 2020, so now is the time to assess your marketing strategies with a mid-year marketing review. What marketing efforts are working and will help you achieve your goals by December 2020? What's not getting the results you want?      

Learn From Data: Look at your reports, tracking and information to determine where you are getting your greatest return on investment.

Review Goals & Strategies: Are your goals the same or do you need to make adjustments based on the current economy and pandemic? Do the strategies fit, and will they help you reach your goals? Start planning, organizing and implementing your upcoming campaigns. If you need help brainstorming ideas or coordinating your campaigns contact JLB Marketing and Consulting.

1. What exactly are your goals and desired outcomes?

2. How are you measuring success?

3. Are your goals reasonable? 

4. Which tasks will have the most impact?

5. Who will handle the tasks?

6. What are the costs? 

Focus On People: Ask your employees and customers for feedback and input. 

Growth & Resources: What resources are available that can help you take a chance on an opportunity to grow and set your business up for the best possible outcomes?

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