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We help our Rochester Minnesota & Southeastern Minnesota clients put their marketing plan into action effectively and efficiently. We offer continued support, coaching and collaboration during this process.  


One could argue that implementing the marketing plan is equally as important as developing the marketing strategy. To often we see marketing plans sitting on shelves collecting dust. Failure to implement the plan means the potential loss of customers because they don't know about your business.  


Your organization may have the best products, services, cause and people but without a strong marketing plan and focus on your target audience, none of your potential customers will know about it. 


Let us help you. Through personal collaboration, we help develop an enduring marketing and communication plan that will result in strategic implementation.


A few ways we can help: 

Marketing Plan.PNG
  • advertising coordinator 

  • web design element adviser 

  • business development

  • customer service training

  • sales training

  • process development 

  • campaign management

  • branding

  • event coordination

  • public relations

  • tradeshows

  • social media  

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