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How To Build Marketing Strategies and A Marketing Plan

Strategic Marketing Addresses Three Main Questions

Where are you now? Where are you going? How are you are going to get there?

What Should a Marketing Strategy Achieve?  The following are examples of what your overall business aim might be:

Increase sales

Bring in new customers

Get existing customers to buy more

Introduce a new product or service

Offer existing customers exclusive offers

Increase market share

Better establish your brand

Launch a PR campaign

A good marketing strategy should draw from research.  Tools that JLB Marketing uses to help businesses identify their strategies and marketing plan are:


Competitive analysis

5 P’s marketing tool: product, price, promotion, place and people

Understanding your target audience and developing customer personas is important and valuable during this planning process.

What Is a Marketing Plan?  A marketing plan details the logistics for executing your strategy, such as budgets, more detailed timescales, who will manage the various points of the strategy.

Your marketing plan will identify the actions you will take, marketing and other advertising channels to accomplish your marketing goals. There is no single right answer, just make sure you have a well-rounded marketing mix. 

Your marketing plan is typically a fluid document (meaning it will be tweaked and updated regularly).  As, market conditions, economic conditions and other factors change, you'll need to adjust your plan. 

Call JLB today to get help with your marketing plan 507-400-8040.

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