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Successful Small Business Marketing On A Small Budget

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

A successful business doesn't happen because of luck.  It happens because you have the right product/service for a specific target audience.  Your business may have the best products, services, cause and people but without a strong marketing plan and focus on your target audience, none of your potential customers will know about it.

When operating a small business with a small budget it is even more important to be strategic with your marketing efforts and dollars to ensure that you get the greatest return on investment.   Attend this upcoming class to learn more!  During this session attendees should be able to:

  • establish business and marketing goals

  • identify target audience segments 

  • develop customer profiles

  • identify marketing strategies develop a marketing plan & budget

BONUS:  Attendees will get one complimentary phone call with me after attending.  Upcoming Class Small Business Marketing on a Small Budget Wednesday, April 22 through Rochester Community and Technical College via a Zoom session Click here to register and learn more.

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